We share a vision of health, happiness and the ability to change the world- one kick ass chocolate bar at a time! We believe in the power of eating high-quality, nutrient-rich foods prepared with positive intention and love. It makes you feel really good and who doesn't like to feel really good? We want everybody to feel that way. Try our chocolate and let the bliss chemicals in your brain have a field day!


Raw chocolate was my gateway drug to healthy living. During my first summer on Martha’s Vineyard, I met Bennett (who I later founded the company with) and she introduced me to the power of raw chocolate superfoods. We became roommates and with chocolate in the house all the time, I ate it regularly (between meals, after meals, hehe). It was the ONLY thing I switched in my diet, and I noticed a difference right away. I dropped 10 lbs, my skin started glowing… ALL FROM CHOCOLATE. I couldn’t believe it!

From there, I began eating more and more organic, plant based, nutrient rich foods, I was addicted to feeling good in MY own body. Bennett and I wanted to share this chocolate with the world, so we began the company in 2011 on Martha’s Vineyard. We had a humble beginning out of her mom’s kitchen and sold hand wrapped chocolate bars in local stores. Over the years we grew and were able to have our own little shop and sell all over the country.

Not Your Sugar Mamas continues that momentum with the same dedication to making organic, raw chocolate accessible to everyone and helping our planet and our health through the quality of food we eat.


We believe in living a high vibration life. What we put into our bodies and how we treat our planet affects us all.

Changing what we eat as a society is the fastest way to get aligned with our planet and improve our quality of life. We are inspired by food’s ability to heal and improve our health and discouraged at the many practices in the food industry that hinder that. To us, each aspect of what we do is important. From the places we source our ingredients and the nutrient quality within them, to who makes our chocolate and how it is made accessible to the world. This is our mission.

We only use organic, whole food ingredients sourced with the highest nutritional value.